6th IIBA May 2016, Florida – FAQ

Q: Will I pay my conference registration fee and cruise fee separately?
A: Yes, you must pay them separately 

Q: Is the cruise fee for only one night?
A: No, it is for 4 nights. Because, we reserved the cabins a year ago and the prices are very special for our conference. Once the cruise leaves Florida, it will come back after 4 days.

Q: What is the double occupancy for cruise?
A: If you choose a double occupancy, you will share a cabin with another colleague and each person must pay separately for Interior Cabin $499, for Ocean View Cabin $539 and for OV/W/ Balcony $$$. Or you can bring your spouse, friend or family members to share the cabin with you. They will have to pay the cruise fee for themselves.

Q: What is single occupancy?
A: If you want to stay alone in a cabin, you must pay $$$ for Interior Cabin, $$$ for Ocean View Cabin and $ for OV/W/ Balcony

Q: If I prefer double occupancy, who will I stay with?
A: The cruise company (Continuing Education, Inc./University at Sea®) will randomly assign a roommate BUT if you want to stay one of your colleagues or your own family member or friend who will attend our conference, you can stay with her/him by emailing the [email protected]

Another way to stay with somebody you want is to send our conference announcement and encourage your colleagues whom you know also to submit their papers for the conference. If their papers are accepted, you can stay with one of them.

Q: Can my spouse and children accompany me ?
A: Yes, they can BUT, you should pay for them the cruise fee (not conference fee). Also, they can benefit from our discounted fee. For the fee details, please contact [email protected]